Sunday, November 15, 2009

Silly Girl!

Grandma gave her these glasses! The purse is filled with lip-gloss- her new favorite!

Abby drug her chair up to the couch and said, "uppy..."

then she put the chair on her head...
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Such a Big Girl!

Abby is now enjoying arts and crafts- watercolors and glue! We haven't started the glitter yet!

Abby started drinking out of a cup...only a few spills so far!

Abby likes to balance her food on her head!

She is such a ham!
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Getting Better!

Abby started to feel better and was all smiles!

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Sick Abby

Our family joined the group of sick people for about 2 weeks:( Abby was pathetic!

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baley is a friend again..sort of...

Abby jumped on Baley's back and Baley growled and nipped at Abby...come to find out Baley has significant hip displasia (sp?) we have to keep them apart as much as possble...Aby hates that they can't be as close as they once were, but she is trying to be gentle with Baley's "ouch."
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Halloween Clothes...

Grandma bought Abby this cute Halloween outfit. I tried to pose her, but all she wanted to do was play lotion...notice the cute clip in her hair!

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Play Dough

After all of these years of making play dough for my students, I finally made some for Abby! She liked it, but not as much as Baley...Baley ate the entire batch...and then sucked down 8 bowls of water..

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Abby kind of has a balance issue and at this moment she fell backward right into the basket of doggy toys!!
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Rocking at "Ga-Ga's" and "Pa-Pa's"

Abby really likes to rock in her aunt Gretchen's rocking chair. Her Pa-Pa doesn't like that Abby's dad bought her a Husky shirt though...

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Friday, October 16, 2009

More Fall Fun!

Even thought it is getting colder, Abby loves being outside still...

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Fall is Here!

Abby can't believe how much fun it is to crunch the leaves under feet, slide down the hill on her butt, and play with pinecones! Fall is fun!

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